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Joel Sampson Design is the parent company of my various commercial enterprises. I am an artist, engineer and musician with a studio in Dallas, Texas.

Graphic Design & Content

While the business has changed a great deal, we still provide content and graphical design for print and on-line media. I worked for many years as a technical writer creating manuals, printed catalogs, advertisement and press releases for industrial electronics. I worked for Halmar Electronics and IRD Mechanalysis, both in Columbus, Ohio. I have also been a freelance magazine writer and contributing editor for several magazines, mostly in technical areas. I am a former contributing editor for Studio Photography, Baron's Microcomputer Reports and Living Single. I have over 150 published articles. I also worked for two newspapers in advertising.


I am a jazz oriented multi-instrumentalist, although I also play blues and rock. I was trained in woodwinds and play saxes and flutes. I also play keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drums and Latin percussion. I'm working on a jazz fusion CD in my project studio.

I have been involved in MIDI since the 80's and owned Joel Sampson MIDI Source, a wholesale music distributor (now closed) and Five Pin Press, a music and software publisher. Five Pin Press published the first MIDI drum patterns on a computer disk and thousands were sold worldwide. The work is now available as freeware. Our logo above is a MIDI 5-pin DIN connector and a staff.

Fine Art

Most of my effort today is in fine art, which combines my skills and interest. I have worked on a variety of media including photography, collage and non-objective painting. Today my main interest is 3-d new media and sound art in particular. I'm working on a series I call Kinetic Percussion. The self-contained sculpture plays drum patterns on found objects. Whimsy is an important element of my work. My visual art is on


I am also developing music hardware, which I plan to release under an Open Source license. These will hopefully include a simple passive audio mixer for the Korg Volca and similar small synthesizers with 3.5mm outputs, an Arduino based computer with built-in MIDI input and output, and more fun stuff.


I recently rewrote this simple site to be responsive and it looks good on any device, smart phone up. I plan on doing this to all my websites over time. 11/16

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